The Audi AIcon Concept Car

Revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 12th September 2017, the Audi AIcon Concept car is welcoming you to the future.

The fully autonomous luxury saloon concept is missing a steering wheel and pedals in the cabin, which provides a spacious and luxurious cabin that is reminiscent of an airline cabin.

Passengers will be able to choose how they spend their time travelling - working, talking, sleeping and relaxing are all possibilities thanks to the AIcon, and it being fully autonomous, safely taking you to your destination.

The innovative design includes suspension, drivetrain, digitalization and sustainability.

The Audi AIcon
The Audi AIcon

Fully digitalised displays comprising of hundreds of triangular pixel segments replace conventional lighting units and headlights, adding to the futuristic appearance of the Audi AIcon, and the triangular segments are also 3D versions of the Audi AI (Artificial Intelligence) symbol. There are more than 600 3D pixels around the Singleframe at the front and rear, which allows for graphics, information and animations to be displayed in any colour. This is adaptable to the driving situation and can be changed by the on-board passengers for endless customisations.

Lighting segments cut horizontally to the front of the vehicle give the appearance of eyes; and can expand which resembles pupils, or squinted for an aggressive look. If another road user, or pedestrian is spotted by the Audi AIcon, the car will literally follow it with these 'eyes'.

The concept car has the ability to display animations on its display surfaces to warn pedestrians or cyclists of any dangerous situations.

The exterior of the Audi AIcon is equally impressive and futuristic. At 5.44 meters long, 2.10 meters wide, and 1.50 meters high, the wheelbase measures in at 3.47 meters which is 9.4 inches longer than the all-new Audi A8.

The concept car has large glass surfaces at the front and rear, with significantly convex side windows, creating a bright and spacious interior for the passengers. It also features a first in automotive design - a hard line running along the side window surfaces back to the D pillar.

Flared wheel wells really emphasise the heritage of Audi quattro, and is present as a reminder to the Marques latest production models.

The Audi AIcon has done away with headlights - featuring laser and radar sensor systems, that 'sees' well enough even in the dark, it can reliably find it's way, detecting obstacles in plenty of time. 

Completing the exterior look, 26inch wheels are set as far apart as possible.

The Audi AIcon

The interior, I'm sure you can imagine, is as futuristic as the exterior.

Featuring opposing doors that open to the front and rear of the vehicle, there is no B pillar. The full width of the car can be seen by the occupants as they enter. Gradually becoming light from the bottom of the car to the top, this reinforces the appearance of space within the car. Plus, the lack of a steering wheel, pedals and the classic dashboard completes the feel of space and openness.

Offering maximum comfort, freedom and communications technology, the Audi Aicon really is an all-rounder. Combining autonomous driving in an urban environment and on the highways, with an exceptional range for an electric vehicle.