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Audi quattro – tell me more

If your Audi comes with quattro power, or if you’re interested in this intelligent and arguably essential feature that offers grip, whatever the weather, here’s a bit more you should know about Audi’s renowned all-wheel drive technology.

Let’s go back to 1980 when Audi’s all-wheel drive was first developed through Audi motorsport engineering – it was initially unleashed in the Audi Quattro, the Bavarian brand’s rally success story. The system revolutionised the sport, blowing the competition out of the water with the introduction of four-wheel drive.

Since then, Audi has sold over five million cars with permanent all-wheel drive. And this astonishing feature is now available across the entire Audi range, bringing safety, athleticism and ability to everyday driving.

It has the potential to transform the way that you drive. And where. Your Audi with quattro can push your driving skills to their limits, always staying in control. Experience supreme grip on every trip with Audi quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

So, how does quattro permanent all-wheel drive work?

A centre differential allows the engine’s torque to be divided between driven wheels, even when they’re rotating at different speeds. Rather than one being mounted to each driven axle, as in other systems, quattro uses one to separate torque between the wheels at the front and rear too. It’s mounted within the gearbox and connects the two axles when slip is detected, allowing an infinitely variable split of torque depending on road conditions.

Compared to a traditional transfer box, this system is much lighter and more efficient. And that’s why it’s still used in motorsport, featured in Audi’s Le Mans 24-hour winning prototype race cars.

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Audi quattro
Audi quattro
Audi quattro