Fun Facts about Audi​

Ever wondered what the four rings actually represent? Here are four of our fun facts about the prestigious German car manufacturer.

1. Only the best, most experienced and trusted employees that work at Audi’s Neckarsulm factory are permitted to build the Audi R8. Why? Because of the intricacy and expertise it takes to build the R8s; there are 5000 separate parts to assemble and fit which takes 70 hours in total. Most of these workers are known as ‘silverliners’ because they have been with the company for many years and now all have grey hair. 

2. You might be surprised to know that it was a very long time ago that an Audi car travelled at super high speeds – nearly 80 years ago in fact, in 1938. The Auto Union Type C reached a top speed of 268mph on a V16 engine kicking out 560hp - unprecedented power for the time.​​

3. Do you know what the four Audi rings represent? They represent the four rings of the Audi Union that was formed in 1932, which comprised of DKW, Wanderer, Horch and Audi. Each of the companies represented a market-segment, with Audi producing mid-sized deluxe vehicles, Horch building high-end luxury vehicles, Wanderer producing standard mid-size cars and DKW taking on small cars and motorcycles.

4. Like a bit of Latin? It might interest you to know that Audi means ‘hear’ in the ancient language. Although the Audi company itself was founded by August Horch, Horch came up against copyright issues so decided to translate his last name into Latin; ‘Horch’ in German translates as ‘hear’ in English; in Latin – ‘Audi’.

If our fun facts have sparked your interest, then just head down to your local Jardine Motors Audi dealership to learn more and take a test drive.