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How to Change Ambient Lighting in Your Audi Q3

When it comes to luxury car interiors, Audi is a company that is blazing a trail with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated styling. Audi’s craftsmanship stretches right down to the finest details, with the driver’s mood even reflected in the car’s passenger area.

Ambient lighting can be one of the most desirable features on your Audi Q3 – creating a personal atmosphere of wellbeing in your new car. Read on to find out how to customise the ambient lighting to your own personal driving preferences.

What is Audi Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting changes the colour of your driving interior, creating a visually appealing atmosphere inside the cabin. Drivers can change colours depending on their mood; for instance, a soft white might create a sleek, modern ambience while bringing a duskier vibe to reflect nighttime driving.

LEDs are strategically positioned throughout the cabin – in doors, footwells, steering wheels and dashboards – and cast a soft glow in various colours. This not only improves aesthetic appeal but can also enhance the overall driving experience.

Ambient lighting has practical benefits, too – making it easier to find items within the car at night without having to rely on stark, distracting overhead lights.

Audi Q3

What models is Audi Ambient Lighting On?

Ambient lighting has quickly become a core part of Audi’s offering, integrating it into many of its models. The Audi Q3 is no exception. Other models also include the Audi A3, A4, A5, A6,A7, A8, Q range, E-tron and many others.

Ambient lighting is typically available at three different levels:

Ambient LED Interior Lighting Package: The most basic package includes white lighting, which can turn red as part of its traffic warning system.

Ambient LED Interior Lighting Plus Package: The plus package allows for customisation of up to 30 colours. Drivers can also change the intensity and which areas of the cabin are illuminated.

Contour Ambient LED Interior Lighting Package: The contour package is only available across some of Audi’s most expensive models. Additional contoured areas of the cabin can be highlighted with a second colour to further increase the ambience.

How do I change the ambient lighting on my Audi Q3?

With the latest German technology at your fingertips, customising your ambient lighting is a straightforward process:

Start your Audi Q3: Press ON to get your Audi Q3 up and running, as you’ll need to access your car’s electrical system.

Access the Infotainment System: Your interior’s multimedia dashboard system is your Audi Q3’s control system – including ambient lighting. Access this by using the control knob located in your centre console.

Navigate to ambient lighting menu: Using the control knob, navigate across to the “ambient lighting” or “lighting” menu and select accordingly.

Choose lighting preferences: Within the ambient lighting menu, drivers will be able to choose from a variety of colour presets, adjust brightness to your liking and save any presets for future use. This will make it easy to switch between different configurations.

Save changes: Once you’ve customised lighting settings to your personal preference, make sure to save your changes. This will apply your desired lighting each time you rev up your Audi.

Owning a technology-laden Audi is one of the real joys of motoring. Personalise your vehicle to match your style and mood with these easy tips and enjoy the open road.

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