The self-parking Audi may be closer than you think

Audi is working to make self-parking technology a reality, which could minimise the time spent in car parks and improve efficiency, both in time management and car park space.

This ground-breaking technology from Audi is reportedly ready for production, but the process for gaining government support and necessary legislation surrounding its use and operation is still underway – but we could see self-parking Audi cars on the roads in just a few years.

New infrastructure would help your Audi to drop you off and park itself, and it’s about to be trailed in Somerville, Massachusetts to support self-parking cars in the Boston area. A specially designed car park for cars of both traditional and self-parking types is currently being created, a structure that is predicted by Audi to require up to 60% less space than car parks of today. With no need to open doors and move between cars after they have been parked, vehicles can sit within a closer proximity to each other, saving space.

As an added benefit for Somerville, Audi aims to assist the city with its traffic flow. With a decision recently being made to bring the area’s traffic-light information online, the flow of traffic could be improved from anywhere between 20-50%.

Audi’s ambitions know no bounds and technology produced could have a substantial impact on the way that cities operate in the future. To sample the brand’s current innovations, take the Audi of your choice for a test drive with Jardine Motors Audi – you may be pleasantly surprised.