Time Traveller - Doctor Who meets Audi's A1

Actress Jodie Whittaker tells Audi Magazine about settling in to Doctor Who, getting to grips (or not) with modern technology, and her first impressions of the new Audi A1

It’s a grey and blustery day in March. There’s a knock at the door. Standing outside is Jodie Whittaker – a ball of energy clutching a reusable glass coffee cup. Her familiar face breaks into a smile and she greets everyone warmly in her broad Yorkshire accent. Moments later, she’s slipped on a leather jacket and is ready to roll. Today, she’s getting up close with the new A1 Sportback. But first, some questions… 

You first encountered aliens in 2011’s Attack The Block – did you ever think then that you’d be playing the most famous alien on British television?

They were terrifying aliens and I wasn’t as equipped back then as the Doctor is – more petrified and hiding in a police van! I really thought that was my one chance at science fiction and that I’d go back to crying every week in a TV drama, so having the opportunity to play the Doctor... it’s just amazing.

What’s the best thing about playing the Doctor?

I think it has to be being introduced to a whole new community, from the cast and crew to the fans – it never ceases to surprise me how many Whovians there are out there. There’s this feeling of really being part of something, and I know that, even when I’m no longer in the role, I’ll always be one of the Doctors – and I adore that. Plus working in Wales – it’s a real home away from home for me now.

You drive the Audi Q7. What do you make of the new A1 Sportback?

It’s ideal for London and city driving, isn’t it? And it’s fantastic that it’s packed with so much technology. I love that, on my Audi, my speed is displayed in front of me on my head-up display. And, as a music fan, I don’t want to be limited to a playlist that I burnt onto CD, so the fact you can stream music from your phone straight to your car is really cool.