Audi R8 on Top Gear

Top Gear takes on the Audi R8

The new Audi R8 was the star of the show in Top Gear recently, featuring in not one but two segments.

The latest generation of Audi’s exhilarating supercar teased the audience as it swept around the famous Top Gear track with ease, and then kicked it up a notch as Sabine Schmitz terrified Chris Evans as she took the R8 around a California racetrack at break-neck speed.

In a teaser to the third episode, fans got their first look at the new Audi R8 as The Stig took current IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua for a spin around the track before his appearance alongside comedian Kevin Hart in the segment called ‘Star in a Rally Cross Car’.

The smooth sound of the R8’s engine was punctuated by Joshua’s exhilarated screams and laughter, while The Stig remained cool and collected behind the wheel. The camera stayed fixed on the interior as the Audi navigated the twists and turns of the track, the minor movements of The Stig an indication of just how smooth the handling is.

The Audi R8’s true moment in the spotlight came at the hands of Sabine Schmitz however, taking co-host Chris Evens out on a California race track at the cost of his lunch. Schmitz truly pulls out all the stops as she whoops and accelerates her way around the track, having to stop when the power becomes a bit too much for poor Evans, who is shown crawling out of the car.

The car show truly unleashed the full power of the R8 in this segment, proving that it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. Audi’s innovative engineering shone as the car handled both tracks flawlessly, and Sabine Schmitz’s joy shows just what a pleasure the new R8 is to drive, much to the envy of every viewer.

Check out The Stig’s lap with Anthony Joshua to get you in the mood for your own test drive of the supercar, which you can book here at Jardine Motors Audi today.

Audi R8
Audi R8
Audi R8