Vorsprung facts - telling the tales of progress

Throughout the article we’ll bring you a series of Vorsprung facts - little stories that illustrate Audi forward-thinking.

The first Vorsprung story concerns Adaptive Cruise Assist, which uses sensors and radar to see up to 250m ahead to automatically keep your distance while moving in traffic.

In the development of the e-tron, it was tested to extremes: in the wind tunnel, it withstood gusts of up to 300 km/h, stronger than a category 5 hurricane.

Predictive Efficiency Assist is a clever system that uses navigation data and engine telemetry to prompt fuel savings of up to 10%.

The Audi e-tron is one of the fastest charging electric cars available. When charged at a 150kw station, it can reach an 80% charge in 30 minutes and a full charge in 50 minutes. That’s at least as fast as the latest smartphones.

Audi paint and cross traffic assist technology

From paint to driver assistance, Vorsprung is in everything we do. An Audi coat of paint, for example has 5 layers, but is still only half as thick as a human hair.

Our Cross Traffic Assist technology makes junctions safer by automatically applying your brakes if it senses anything that’s about to cut across your path.

Nose team

Did you know that Audi employs a team of scent specialists called the Nose Team to make sure the materials we use in our cars keep smelling nice, even when they get really hot?

It’s one of the many stories that illustrate our Vorsprung philosophy. From the well-known technology in our cars to the lesser-known quirks of our production processes, Audi is in constant pursuit of progress.