Audi accessories to make winter wonderful

Starting with the simple extras, as well as the bigger accessories available, make sure that you are always prepared for this winter, whatever the weather.

With an Audi Winter Car Care Package available at Jardine Motors Audi, you’ll be set for the season. With anti-freeze screen wash, de-icer, glass polish, an anti-misting cloth and an ice scraper, the weather won’t get the better of you and your Audi.

Snow chains are available in a variety of sizes to fit Audi wheels, with basic class and comfort range options. Offering extra grip for safer travel, snow chains are easy to fit and remove, making them perfect for use over short distances.​

Stay in the groove with Jardine Motors Audi’s selection of winter tyres as well as winter tyre and wheel sets. Proven to offer major gains in traction, control and safety in cold, harsh weather, these tyres are a must for your Audi in the winter season.

At temperatures below 7 degrees C, the special rubber compound used for winter tyres stays softer and more pliable, offering improved grip and braking effectiveness. The risk of aquaplaning on wet roads is reduced at these temperatures, as well as improved performance on snow, slush and ice.

A special tread pattern or ‘footprint’ optimises water displacement, and allows your Audi to slice through snow, interlocking with the surface to maximise traction. Feel grip, control and precision in treacherous conditions, and benefit from grip improvement of up to 60% along with braking distance reduction of up to 20%.

All winter tyre purchases include fitting, plus heavy duty storage bags to protect original fit ‘summer’ wheels and tyres whilst they’re in storage. Some Audi Centres offer wheel and tyre storage facilities at an extra cost.

Make the most of Audi winter accessories by heading to your local Jardine Motors Audi soon and kitting up. Our advisors will be happy to talk you through what’s available for your specific vehicle and get you ready for the season to change.

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