Driving your Audi this winter

As we drive through autumn leaves, we know it won’t be long until the rain, snow, sleet and ice arrive on our doorstep. Be prepared for all weather conditions by considering Jardine Motors Audi’s top tips for driving your Audi this winter. 

Snow and ice – be cautious. Keep speed low and slow down early for corners or bends, using gears for a slow deceleration rather than harshly braking, reducing chances of skidding.

Rain – use windscreen wipers and dipped headlights for best possible visibility. Drive as smoothly as possible, keeping speed low, and ensure tyre pressure and tread depth are correct.

Fog – if you have to drive, check your car before heading off and allow extra time for your journey. Limit speed and be aware of other road users, and open a window to listen for other traffic.

Strong wind – be cautious of your surroundings and avoid bridges.

Lowsunshine – reduce your speed and keep your windscreen clean and grease-free.

Top 10 tips

  • Prepare with the right accessories
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Measure tread depth
  • Replace wipers
  • Check lights
  • Top up screen wash
  • Check air conditioning
  • Pack essentials
  • Check battery
  • Book your Audi in for a service

Contact your local Jardine Motors Audi to book your Audi in for a service.

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