Accident Aftercare

Audi Accident Aftercare

We haven’t forgotten the trust you placed in us when you bought your vehicle. Our complimentary Accident Aftercare service is part of our Aftersales commitment to you.

Few people have more than one accident every six years, so knowing what to do at such a stressful time can be very challenging.

Our priority is to get you mobile, but we do so much more. Our team of experienced claims handlers will support you in your claim and take the stress away from dealing with the various parties involved.

If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, you have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle.

Our accident repair service ensures any repairs to your vehicle are performed to manufacturer specifications using our qualified technicians and genuine Audi parts.


Simply call your local Audi dealership. Provide details about the accident, the third party and any witnesses and, if you were not at fault, we will:

1. Provide you with a comparable vehicle.

2. Recover your vehicle if it is legally un-driveable.

3. Organise your repairs and liaise with your insurer and the third party.

4. Handle any uninsured losses and any personal injury claim for you, saving you the hassle of pursuing it yourself.

5. Monitor the repairs of your vehicle keeping you fully updated through our online claims portal.

Accident Exchange
Accident Exchange
Accident Exchange
Accident Exchange
Accident Exchange
Accident Exchange

Speak to our friendly team following an accident

We provide you with a replacement vehicle

We organise the repairs with an approved repairer

​We help you to identify any recoverable losses

We provide you with regular updates on your repair

You collect your vehicle, leaving ours at the dealership


Some insurers try to direct accident repair customers to their own repairer who may not use genuine manufacturer parts. You have the right to have your Audi repaired wherever you want. We’ll ensure that your vehicle goes to an approved Audi repair centre, guaranteeing that it receives the specialist and technical expertise that it deserves. You can be sure that your vehicle will be returned to its pre-accident condition without compromising its safety or integrity. Your Audi is a technologically advanced and complex machine.



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Content correct at time of publication (October 2021).