The Audi Service Plan. Suitable for ages 3 - 7

We’ve got your next two services covered – from only £20 a month!

Did you know we have updated our Audi Service Plan? This means our service plans are now available on a monthly payment option.

How you can pay:

  • Up front in full when cover is taken
  • Monthly payments over 18 months

The plan covers Audi vehicles from 3-7 years old, allowing you to take care of your Audi at affordable prices with the reassurance that your car is worked on by trained Audi technicians using genuine parts.

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How does the Audi Service plan benefit you?

  • Value: Represents a saving of up to £135 for the customer
  • Inflation-beating prices: Future services are charged at today’s prices for the duration of the plan, so you don’t have to worry about rising prices
  • Quality: We only use Audi Genuine Parts® and all parts, and labour, come with a two-year guarantee
  • Expertise: Our work is completed by specialist Audi-trained technicians
  • Audi Service History: Helps to protect the future resale value of the vehicle
  • Transferable: If you decide to sell your Audi before the plan ends, it can be transferred to the next owner

What are the costs?

Both options represent a considerable saving over paying for the services individually.

Vehicles under 2.0 litres (excluding hybrid and S models)

Vehicles over 2.0 litres (excluding hybrid, S, RS, R8 and over 6.0 litre models)

Customer RRP upfront price



Customer monthly payments over 18 months



Major service RRP



Oil service RRP



Customer saving



What’s included?

The Audi Service Plan includes two services - 1x Major Service and 1x Oil Change service.

Major service

Oil change service

Oil and filter change

Replace spark plugs (petrol)/fuel filter (diesel) (if necessary)

Full vehicle inspection, including road test

Vehicle health check

Reset service interval display

The service plans are fully transferable to the car’s next owner. If you come to sell, you won’t miss out on the value of a Service Plan from Audi.

Terms and conditions: Cars aged between three and seven years (more than 34 months old and less than 96 months from date of first registration. For retail customers only. Service Plan covers the customer’s next two consecutive services – limited to 1x Major and 1x Oil change service – taken in any order. There is no mileage, age or time restriction for claiming the services, but they must be the next two consecutive services. The plan is transferable to subsequent owners of the vehicle if current owner decides to sell their Audi before the plan ends. The table overleaf outlines what is covered by this plan. Any other service and maintenance work, including normal wear and tear, is not included in the plan. Offer available before 31st December 2017