Audi Winter Health Check

As winter approaches, you wouldn’t dream of going outside without being prepared, so why should your Audi be any different? Giving your Audi a winter health check is the best way to prepare for the cold winter months, and our experts at Jardine Motors Audi know exactly how to take care of your vehicle to make sure it is in tip-top condition for those Christmas visits to family and friends.

What are the benefits?

Getting your Audi checked by trained technicians who are passionate about the brand can give you complete peace of mind for the entire winter, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about over the holiday season. Keeping your car in the best possible condition throughout the winter months will mean you can continue enjoying it for much longer, so make sure you get winter-ready today.

What’s included?

Our experts will inspect your Audi from top to bottom, working from the exterior and underbody to the interior and under the bonnet, making sure absolutely everything is in perfect working order. Here are just a few of the things we check:

  • Instruments
  • Horn
  • Seatbelt operation
  • External lights
  • Glass and mirrors
  • Wiper blades
  • Fluid levels
  • Drive belts
  • Battery condition
  • Brake pads and discs
  • Brake hoses
  • Steering alignment
  • Exhaust system
  • General fluid leaks
  • Tyre pressure and tread depth

Our top 10 tips for driving in the winter

Check your tyre pressure and tread depth. The legal minimum tyre tread depth during winter months is 1.6mm, however we would recommend at least 3mm

•Replace your wipers in readiness for the wet weather driving

•Ensure all your lights work properly and your vehicle headlamps are correctly aligned

•Ensure your screen wash is topped up (a more concentrated mixture is less likely to freeze)

•Check your air conditioning (AC helps remove condensation in cold/wet weather)

•Pack woollies/torch/phone charger/water/survival kit in the car

•Check your battery condition & alternator drive belt

•Prevention is better than cure; if your car is due for a service in the next few months have it done now in preparation for winter

•Prepare your vehicle with the right accessories (winter tyres, Audi winter pack, de-icer, ice scrapper, lock de-icer)

•Take advantage of our promotional Audi winter vehicle check

For more information on getting your Audi winter-ready, don’t hesitate to contact your local Audi Centre today.

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