Audi Engine Oils and Lubricants

The increased fuel efficiency and durability of cars in recent years has been partially due to improvements and innovations in modern lubricating oils. The best modern lubricants prevent corrosion and coagulation better than ever before transporting heat away from moving parts. Keeping your car’s engine oil at the recommended level, and using the manufacturer approved product, is essential for maximum reliability, fuel efficiency and performance.

Along with our manufacturer-approved Audi parts and accessories, Jardine Audi also stock an extensive selection of high-quality motor oils suitable for a wide range of new Audi and used Audi models. As well as being used by our experienced technicians when they carry out maintenance and repairs, many of these oils are sold by our dealerships for our customers to use themselves. These products are from reputable global suppliers and are approved by the European regulatory body CCMC/ACEA.

When purchasing your own oil, it is important to take care comparing the specifications of a product with your car’s specific needs. Needless to say, Jardine Audi dealership will happily provide the best advice on which oil to use and how to keep levels in your car maintained at the optimal levels.

Modern oils are designed to have a low viscosity, which improves the circulation of oil and lowers fuel consumption. Additives make them adaptable at different temperatures, so that they work equally well when the engine is cold (after just being started) or warm (after the car has been driven for some time). The ACEA-assessed viscosity rating of anoil can be found on all approved products, and is denoted through two numbers – the first informs you of the oil’s viscosity in cold temperatures, while the second does the same for when the engine is hot. In both cases, a lower number means lower viscosity (and, therefore, higher quality).

The oil best suited for your vehicle will depend on its fuel type, age, size and performance capabilities, as well as your personal preference for greater engine response or fuel economy. If you feel that you need further advice on choosing a type of oil that meets your exact motoring requirements, the knowledgeable aftersales teams at Jardine Audi will be more than happy help.

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