Replacement tyres explained

It is essential to have the most appropriate tyres fitted to your Audi at all times and the tyre specialists at Jardine Motors Group can help to make sure this is the case. Audi cars are renowned for being reliable and powerful, no matter how you drive or what the conditions are like. When you visit any of our approved Audi dealerships, our specialists will talk you through your tyre options and find the right solution for you.

All new tyres are classified under a scheme which covers three key areas: exterior noise emissions, wet braking, and fuel efficiency. The first is important for safety and driving experience, with the former potentially affected if the noise is high and drowns out noise from other traffic. The second is purely for safety – the sooner you stop when braking, the better. Finally, fuel efficiency is not only essential for saving you money, but also for the good of the environment. This classification system, which grades tyres A to G, ensures it’s easy for you to see the benefits of each tyre and choose the best for you.


Fuel efficiency can be affected heavily by your choice of tyre, which is why we’ll help you find a tyre that doesn’t impact on safety and performance, and gives you the best MPG for your Audi and driving habits. Our tyre experts can help you to select the tyre that will help reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 7.5 percent in some cases.

Wet braking performance

With British weather frequently adverse and roads wet, knowing which tyres give the best grip when braking in the wet is critical. Choosing Grade A tyres for your Audi could help you to stop 18 metres sooner from 50mph, meaning you could avoid a collision and keep safe.

Exterior noise emissions

Noise emissions might seem like an unimportant factor when considering which tyres to choose, but noisy tyres can prove distracting when you’re driving. As such, some tyres have been manufactured to reduce noise emissions and give a smooth, quiet and safe drive. We can provide specialist help and advice in this particular area to suit your particular driving needs.

Get in touch with your nearest Jardine Audi dealership to find out more from our tyre specialists, whether you’re looking to have winter tyres fitted, or your current ones are worn and need replacing.

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