Audi UR quattro Restoration​​

At Jardine Motors Audi in Tamworth, our team have been working tirelessly to restore the Audi UR quattro to its former glory.​​

When the restoration is complete, the pristine Audi UR quattro will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to our charity Whizz-Kidz. By providing mobility equipment and life skills to disabled children, Whizz-Kidz help and support them to reach their full potential.​​

Since our partnership began with Whizz-Kidz at the start of 2014, we have raised over £250,000 for the great charity and the money made with this classic Audi auction will also have a huge impact on the fantastic work that Whizz-Kidz do.​

When we first acquired the Audi UR quattro, it had been idle for some time and so had seized up somewhat, but it still retained its original desirability and allure. It was clear after initial inspection that the restoration would be a big job.​​​​​

After stripping the car down completely, all engine components were deep-cleaned through steaming and sandblasting. Some parts didn’t make it through the clean, with several components having to be replaced: all seals, CV boots, shock absorbers, valve guides, manifold gaskets and intake manifold gaskets, for example. Wiring looms have been repaired, brake lines, fuel lines and the fuel injector have been restored, the radiators and intercooler have been refurbished, tested and re-cored where necessary and some parts have been powder coated, e.g. the sub-frame. With a rebuilt and partially new engine, the UR quattro is sure to run sweetly.​​

From a more aesthetic perspective, in the cockpit, the dashboard has been sent elsewhere for repair and the steering wheel has been completely re-leathered, giving the cabin a lovely original feel to it. Car seats have been completely re-covered too, using factory-original cloth. Headlining has been reinstated where an aftermarket sun-roof had been installed (which has been removed in the restoration to return the vehicle to its original state).​​​

Bodywork hadn’t degraded too badly, so a few patches of rust were inspected, repaired and replaced where necessary, ready for a re-spray. When the car comes back from the body shop, the team will work hard on the rebuild so that we can all see the product of the last few months’ hard work.

You now have a chance to own a piece of history, an original 1984 Audi UR quattro in Mars Red. To register your interest in purchasing the vehicle, please complete the enquiry form on this page.

We will contact you with auction details when the UR quattro is back in tip top condition, ready to take on the roads. Will you be taking it home?

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