Ride-On Audi

The ultimate Audi accessories for underage enthusiasts​​

So you’re an Audi fan, but your child is yet to get behind the wheel. Your little one might not yet be ready to take their test, especially if they’re not even out of nappies, but we have some great mini ride-on Audi cars to make your kid’s life complete.

Driving underage is normally frowned upon (and illegal), but our range of ride-on Audi vehicles for little Audi lovers are available in the Jardine Motors Audi genuine accessories range.

Audi Legends Children’s Ride-on Car

Drawing inspiration from Audi Motorsport in the 80s and 90s, the Legends ride-on car is one stylish model. Racing stickers and a black styling package with rims, a single-frame grille and roll-over bar in matt black will make your little one look the part.

Audi quattro Black Motorsport Children’s Ride-on Car

This incredibly life-like example features fully functioning LED daytime running lights, a touch-sensitive on/off button in the cockpit and the iconic Audi rings on the grille. With an all-over black design with Motorsport race stickers, the Audi quattro Black Motorsport children’s ride-on car will provide your child (and you!) with hours of entertainment.

Audi Mini quattro Children’s Ride-on Car

Modelled on the original Audi quattro, this mini ride-on car features clear glass headlights and rear lights in 3D, 5-arm rotor design low-noise whisper wheel tyres and the Audi rings on the front grille. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, watch your little one explore from the comfort of the padded seat, even pressing the integrated horn on the steering wheel for added authenticity.

Audi Mini quattro Children’s Ride-on Car Trailer

Why not add some towing fun to the Mini quattro children’s ride-on car with this matching trailer? Featuring 5-spoke wheel rims and an easy-to-use clasp for attaching it to the ride-on car, this trailer is perfect for transporting your child’s favourite teddy bear.

Ride-On Audi
Ride-On Audi
Ride-On Audi